App info panel name removal

This is not code related,
In the App itself, when you tap the info button on the right side you get the info panel.
On that panel at the bottom you get the device owner’s info, right above that name you get my name Billy, I want to remove that or change to the company name.
It also appears when you tap the owner panel and get to the Device Info panel
you get my name again with When Wet, how do i change or get rid of that?

Thanks For Any Assistance

Billy S.

I think that’s Contact info.

In the web console go to Developer Zone and select the template for your device.
Click the Metadata tab and you should see that Contact is one of the metadata fields.

If you hit the Edit button you can then click on Contact to view/edit the data, or go over to the right hand side and hover over the Actions column and you’ll see a delete icon to remove that metadata field entirely.