App get wrong notify on phone ! ( get notify from another project NOT login)

Hi Admin and blynker,

I have a small project that uses sensors to alert the phone. Since my friends liked it, I shared a similar copy with them. Everything is working fine until recently. I often received warnings when the sensor is on ( Blynk.notify("…")). However, when opening App Blynk on my the phone, the sensor state is normal, there are no actual events.
After some time researching, I found it sent from my friend’s device (I previously logged into that device via a shared QR code - currently has logged out).
I don’t know how those notifications get displayed on my phone?!?
I try uninstall and reinstall Blynk on phone but nothing change.
Has anyone encountered this situation and has a fix yet?

Thanks all,

P / S: Wemos D1 Mini pro device, On / Off sensor, Blynk auth is separate. Default Blynk server. Arduino IDE 1.8.9. Blynk lib 0.6.1. Blynk Android 7_ App 2.27.26 .

Hello. Yes, that’s a known issue and we haven’t a fix for it. It’s fixed in the new Blynk version that will be released soon. For Blynk 1.0 we do not plan to release a fix.

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