App freezes as soon as I open it

The app freezes as soon as I open it. It works if I sign in under a different ID, but the app I was working on seems to crash it. How do I remove the app from my account without using the mobile app?

Hello. Do you have iOS or Android? What version?

I emailed you. I am using the latest android version on my motorola droid phone. I will look it up now…

Android 7.1.1 on Moto Z Force Droid.

I mean Blynk app version

Version 2.20.2

@Logan did you send crash report?
@BlynkAndroidDev please take a look.

It looks like the issue is in your graph, app’s crashes in the android native text draw. @Logan could you provide your acc login so @Dmitriy could remove the buggy widget.

What data are you showing in the graph?

It was fixed that day by Dmitriy. I was able to delete the bad part (probably the entire app I made because I suck at this. LOL)

Kudos for very very fast response. He even swapped my email accounts for me in minutes.

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Hi. how did you fix this problem. I have 2 graphs running @Dmitriy.