App CRASHES every time when i open my project!

@Dmitriy, @vshymanskyy, @BlynkAndroidDev, guys, please, i’m a patient person, but this is becoming really annoying!

the ble functionality it is not working for me, still for some unknown reasons (tried on 3 different phones, spent a lots of time and money on different modules and boards). ok, i got it. i moved my project to different platform with wifi…

but now, - although i didn’t tried to do anything “special” - the app constantly crashes. it was the same yesterday. apparently was fixed…

this time i didn’t changed anything, just tried to use my project. after opening my project, blynk app instantly crashes. i have cleared the cache, reinstalled app, restarted phone, logged in lots of times. it is he same: after i open my project, the app crashes.

andorid 4.4.2
blynk app 271
blynk lib 440
cloud server


Thanks for report. We will check what is going on. Please be patient :wink:. Sorry for the inconvenience.

right now i managed to start the app, and not crashed (yet).

it seems to work ok now. did you changed something?