App crash and unavailable pins

Been using blynk for a while now and it works very well. Recently I came across two issues
When i delete widgets the virtual pin will still be busy even tho there is no widget assigned to it.( this has been resolved in the last update i think)
And the second one. I wanted to change the polarity of the joystick for a servo [180] to [0] instead of [0] to [180] but i entered [180] to [180] instead. Now the app crashes immediately.

Hello. Is that ios or android?

I’m currently using iOS

Ok. Thank you for reporting. We will have a look.

Hi, @sirclecube

Could you please give me your account name so I’ll be able to reproduce issue with joystick crash?
Also I’ll appreciate if you provide details about your iOS device (model and iOS version).

Hi @Artem_S
My device is an iPhone 6 (v9.3.1) , by account name do you mean my email?

@sirclecube Yes - email

We would need login and pass. Please send a private message to @Artem_S
Try not to share your email in public… I’ve deleted your post.

@sirclecube Do you still have this issue?

Yup still cant log in

i had not same issue but pin busy was the last issue i faced. i simply deleted that project and created new project and issue solved.