App connection problems

hello guys!

since i updated to the last library and latest app (today), i can not connect to my arduino projects.
a lots of times i can not even start my blynk projects on phone. it always says: “couldn’t connect to the server. please check your internet connection, or try again.”
my internet connection is ok (wifi, also tried with 3g), i have tried 2 different phones, logged out, restarted the phone, etc.

when -very rarely- i can open the project, it always says in the bottom of the screen, with yellow text:
“something went wrong when connecting to the server. please try again later.”
also, a lots of times says “your app is outdated”. but i have upgraded right now.

very strange behavior since the major upgrade. also, sometimes took nearly 2 minutes to connect via hc-05 module. i do not understand why i need the internet at all, to use the bluetooth??? isn’t the point of bt is to work without internet? in the future, i plan to use my project in areas with no internet at all… but this is currently not possible with blynk?

Hello. Do you use local server?


i can confirm this issue on local server (on vps) with 4 different android phones. but i can re-login when i get this error. and i had an issue like “something went wrong when connecting to the server” very often. (esp8266 standalone with arduino ide)
i had same issue on 2.03 and 2.04 version of android app. how can i find 2.0 version of android app. i would like to try.

Is your local server updated to latest version?

server version is 0.20.2

Please try to remove and install app again. On what screen do you see this?

I can’t do nothing in case you don’t follow update instructions.

@wanek you have Android, right?


@wanek please try this build - if issue reproduced - please make long click on header and send us logs.

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We could provide you with a logging build to catch what is issuing this 2 minutes long connect - check link in Dmitriy’s comment, you will need to make a long press on screen title and select gmail app to send us a log.

On ‘work without internet’ - currently it is not possible and is not in the nearest feature list, maybe after winter will try to create such support for only ble/bluetooth projects.

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now its lastest server and app version. i have same issue

Do you have BT too?

yes i have bt module but its not on this project(not about bt module). this project has 1 dht11 on esp8266

ok. thanks for the fast support.

i just have cleared the cache, uninstalled blynk, reinstalled it. now the “couldn’t connect to the server. please check your internet connection, or try again.” problems seems to be gone.

but constantly getting this:

now i will download the app for debug. and see what happens.

i guess i have to uninstall blynk before installing the debug version, right?


Ok. i re-installed app,cleared cache. app working good on first start. i dont have same issue if i dont close app. ( minimise app with pressing home button ) but i have same issue if i close app with pressing 2 time back button or killing app with task manager or long time minimise.

If you’ll remove bluetooth widget from that project, does the issue reproduces?

Please install that build from Dmitriy’s comment and send me a log from your device - maybe this issue is connected with bluetooth.