Api create new accounts and dashboards?

Hi blynk team and blynker,
I run a local blynk server and I want to every my board runs with a separate account.
So if I create new account manual and scan qr code to generate the dashboard, it will be boring and waste the time.
I am looking for a faster way via api, so does anyone know how to do it?

Hi @tackelua,
This is not supported,

Thank you for your response

I’ve thought about this before as well.
my userid holds my project, the user info is in a file in your blynk server directory.
why not just copy that user file, to user2, text edit a couple of things at the top of the file, and bang, you have a new user with the same project.

if im not being clear, just pull up your user file in the root of the blynk server directory, and it might give you the ideas you need.

just my 2 cents.

The file .user have the hashed password. And I don’t know the rule to hash the passwd with email.
I can use this way to create the dashboard but scan qr quite faster.
Can you generate the password before?

As @noi already mentioned, this does not appear to be supported in the developer side of Blynk. Currently, it seems that the App, which is NOT open sourced, is the only way to create new accounts and generate Auth codes, needed for the associated devices and specific to that account.