Any way to get current date and time from the blynk server?

Hi guys,
Is there a way to get current date & time ? I’de like to set some default scheduling on the board without using the timer.

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Hi, not supported right now. But we had some thoughts. @Pavel what do you think?

Good idea! We have an RTC widget planned, but only after all the other widgets delivered.



Most of the Arduino boards don’t feature a built-in clock or RTC. Date and time are available on every smartphone and server.

The idea consists on adding a function to the Blynk library to get the date and time from the app and/or the server.

Hi, this was discussed many times :wink:
Yes, we will add this feature.

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Has this been implemented yet? I would like to add a date and timestamp to the messsages that I send to the terminal window in the app.

I’m fiddling with getting the time via a simple GET request, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Every time I make a webrequest, blynk disconnects. I’m suspecting this is because AT+CIPMUX is not set to 1, ergo, only one TCP connection is allowed. Maybe I’ll try and hack the library to fix it, but a more elegant solution would be preferable :smile:

RTC Widget is planned. It’s not the highest priority, but we will make it for sure.

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Any news about RTC widget?

Yes It was released years ago!!!

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