Any solution for local server for nodemcu

Hello every body ,

I’m a new blynk user and I would to know if there is a solution to install blynk server on nodemcu.

I just read an article on how to install java on ESP8266

but I’m not an expert !!

thank you for your help

Even were it possible, I highly doubt it would have the horsepower, and definitely not the storage capacity to be usable.

An RPi Zero W will be about the same physical size, and only slightly higher cost, but and fully functional and supported.

Basically, feel free to try, but don’t expect any solid support :wink:

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thank you so much Gunner

I think I’d better get a RPI Zero !!


Don’t forget the W version… you will NEED that built in WiFi for a server

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JavaScript is something totally different from the Java that Blynk server requires :slight_smile:

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Picky details :stuck_out_tongue: OK, I probably should have caught that, but… totes newb Linux dude :smiley:

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Check this one also:

Orange Pi Zero 512Mb:

I’ve got one and works perfectly

Or rent one for less than a $1 a month with 1GB RAM and 20GB storage.

thank you I’ve got one too !!!

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