Any news about MQTT integration?

I just wanted to ask, if the dev team could give some updates about MQTT support. Do you still plan to integrate MQTT protocol on the server side?

THX in advance!

Hello, yes, we have such plans. But this is low priority at the moment.

@odyssey this may be of help to you.

to talk from blynk app to mqtt devices i made this node red plugin

this lets me read and write virtual pins from node red and have logic in it to pass values onwards on mqtt or any other protocol

good luck

@tzapulica: Thank you for sharing you node-red-code. I have not worked with node-red yet, but I think it is a good method for connecting Blynk and a MQTT-broker. I will report here…


i d also like to mention it s my first attempt at the damn thing, so there is stuff that will break :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just tested Node-RED with the blynk-contrib from tzapulica. It is working well :smile:
Only when I am using a virtual button (V5 in my example) I get multiple “1” and “0” values. - not sure if this is related to Blynk or Node-RED?

Here is my small testsetup:

@tzapulica: Great idea to use Node-RED as bridge!

This can be huge!

Can you give us some more examples?


Hey, good job!
It uses the Blynk JS library, so basically it connects the Phone App interface to the Node RED infrastructure.
Do you think connecting Blynk hardware to Node RED is possible this way?
Are there any ideas how to do it?
What could be the benefits?

hi guys
@vshymanskyy what this lets us do is to not actually have blynk hardware :smile: and just the brilliant, good looking and fast software end. I can build a very nice looking dashboard with blynk, really fast, have all the logic in node red, including the storing of historical data, which does not usually happen in a blynk only scenario. And the hardware now doesn’t really need to have any logic and brains, just needs to send data to node red, and react on certain events.
of course, this is reasonable in certain situations, like home automation for instance, for fast response type of things, i d go blynk all the way :wink:
i assume you could connect blynk hardware directly to node red using the direct connection option and a receiving endpoint, but i can t think of any benefits currently.

@oguime @odyssey’s post above shows an example, i don t have any currently as this is my first attept at everything, i now finally have most of the pieces that i ve been waiting for

@odyssey thanks for your kind words. as i said, first time doing this, but i have not seen it behave like it did to you yet.
things i would immediately try is:
-restart node-red server and try immediately after (maybe i need to deregister some events on redeploy)
-have a sketch with just one node red node and see if that works properly (again, some bug in how i register / keep track of events)
-check if you didn t add multiple keys in the edit panel by chance, don t think it would work at this point

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@odyssey found the bug, it seems to be reregistering events every time you redeploy.
i ll try and fix

/edit uploaded a fix in 0.0.3

Thanks for the fix! It’s working fine now :smile:

Do you have an idea how to “store historical data”? I used to retain a MQTT message and so new subscribers get the last reading. How to do this in Node-RED for Blynk? Yesterday I tried to implement a buffer, but without success. Do you have a hint?

Best regards

For historical data i m using

My plan once i get around to doing it and once the Blynk app can have multiple screens and/or running projects is to either use their api or store a “last values” object in node red and fetch that into a blynk dashboard. I want to decouple the data gathering from the display if that makes sense. Should make some cleaner flows as well.

See my topic MQTT bridge