Another cross platform framework for UI?

Is it possible to use another cross platform framework for UI with Blynk backend and still use features that Blynk has already built like WiFi Provisioning, OTA updates, Account creation using API?

I like Blynk but I need UI features that are not supported in the default drag and drop interface.

Blynk 2.0 might give you more UI features if/when it eventually arrives, but who knows.

My approach is to use Node-Red as the glue that sticks everything together, and MQTT to communicate between devices and Node-Red.
The Blynk plug-in for Node-Red gives me the Blynk UI (which is generally okay for me) along the Alexa plug-in. I also use a Nextion touch screen for local control.
The advantage of this approach is that the Blynk part is fairly easily replaceable with something else if I chose to do so.

I guess Home Assistant would be top of my list as a replacement UI.


Could you please highlight what features do you mean?