Android widget (different from Blynk widget)

Thanks a lot for the screenshot, I’ve tested the app on different units, but obviously all with a higher resolution. Next update will include a nicer scaling settings screen.

Regarding the missing status notification: if this is running on blynk-cloud, would you mind sending me the token as pm or email to so I can check what’s happening?

Ah, it’s called a momentary switch, I couldn’t find the right term, English isn’t my mother’s tongue…
Unfortunately Android doesn’t let us do this on a widget button, the pushbutton-style should mimic it’s behavior with the click duration time.

Just found a bug monitoring the 255 value, next update will fix it.
Thanks for sharing your ideas, a logging feature is on my road-map and an “Advanced Settings page” might be a good solution - especially if more features should be built in in the future.

@jvetterli I can send you the token of a connected device but based on the pinout at what would you like me connect in the project so you can check the status notification?

@billstein @Jon_Moore @hjroh0315 here you go New Android Release 1.16.1

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Like the widgets. Don’t like the unrecoverable energy they consume. I understand it, I just don’t like it. Well done, thanks for the update.