Android Video streaming widget does not close connection when app inactive


I am using Blynk 2.13.4 on Android 6.0 with Blynk Cloud. I have added a widget that pulls a video stream from an IP camera (MJPG) and I have noticed that while the project is running (not stopped), whenever I switch to a different app on my phone, or put the phone in to standby, the video stream seems to continue in the background and the full stream is transmitted.

Additionally, tapping the video to pause playback (which makes the small ‘play’ icon appear overlaid on the video) also does not appear to kill the connection. With the video widget in the ‘paused’ state, I can still see the full bandwidth being used in the background.

In my case, the video stream is around 1Mbps (but could easily be 5-10Mbps), so this could easily consume a lot of background data. In some countries where mobile data is expensive, this could be very costly or problematic for the user.

Steps to repro:

  1. Add a video widget with a HTTP MJPG source
  2. Allow the video to begin playing and monitor traffic at the network interface/s
  3. Browse away from the app on the android handset (open another app) or
  4. Put the handset to sleep
  5. Inspect traffic across the network and note that the full stream is still being transmitted

Let me know if there is any more information I can provide to help debug this (such as providing a video URL). Thanks!


I hadn’t looked at the video feed, but noticed this for the audio portion.


Ah, interesting. It certainly seems like it could be the same issue. My camera does not have an audio feed.

Any comment from the Blynk developers on this? I am happy to raise an issue on Github if that helps, just point me to the appropriate repo.

@jeremyj hello, already fixed. We’re currently preparing big update, so you still need to wait a bit.

Kinda excited about this big update I keep hearing about. Cant Wait!

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