Android - Raspberry Pi B Rev 2: Only virtual pins available

I followed your tutorial for the Raspberry. Starting Blynk in Raspbian seems to work and it is discovered in the Android app. If I want to select pins for a widget (e.g. ZeRGBa), however, only the virtual pins 0-64 and the digital pin “gp18” are available. I want to use pins 22-24 though. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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I don’t think it’s a bug

I think you can’t use digital pins because they are only able to send 1 or 0 signal . It means you would only be able to have “simple” rgb colors ! Full blue, reg, green or mixed (total 7 colors) . So that’s why you can’t use them! I think the idea of this widget is to send the values through virtual pins to be processed by your code

I could be wrong but that’s my point of view .

Any solution please paste here

Thanks, you are right about the limitation of the app/Blynk. Only 0/1 buttons work with the digital pins, there I can see all of them.

I kind of understand your explanation. Of course I can assign values 0-255 to the GPIOs (hardware) using e.g. pigpio and I expected this functionality to be implemented in the ZeRGBa widget. But apparently that’s not the idea of Blynk so I’ll have to look into programming the virtual pins.

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This is considered to be a correct behaviour. It’s the limitation of hardware platform.