Android Open Beta. Version 2.27.2


It’s ok for me :grin:

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Tab text is now working again on Android 8.1!

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The tabs font is very big :sweat_smile:


Issues with 2.27.2

It is ok for now, we made tabs text size to be like small font size in widget’s on all devices, so it would not be too small on tablet’s, for example.


Blynk Application - superchart with Tabs

I like the way to use tabs as highlighted buttons, many thanks to @BlynkAndroidDev

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I can’t update the latest beta version from the play store. it’s stopped during app update. but other applications update without problem.

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Issues with 2.27.2

maybe you need to restart your phone ? :thinking:

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I did it but not fixed. also clearing data and cash of playstore and playservices :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Twitter does not work anymore since the update " Twitter configuration failed" is just there

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I have a button that double click will bring into resize mode, and another button in the same app, that double click does not. Android 8.1

See V33 on tab ‘stations’qr
and V28 on tab ‘events’
I can’t get the resize display on Menu widgets on ‘stations’ tab to display, yet did manage to actually resize them a few times.

Android settings -> developer options:
Window animation scale 0.5x
Transition animation scale 0.5x
Animation duration scale 0.5x

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Had it worked in the previous build? I saw some ANR errors in Google Play for previous builds connected with twitter, that’s why I’ve added check for successful twitter initialization into the app, that could provide such error message. Can you provide your phone model and os version?



Thanks, yep it reproduces. I’ll check it.

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Wow, that’s very strange, I’ve tried to re-upload new build - but Google Play is not allowing new builds upload, so probably it is some issue on Google Play side

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Blynk running on smartphone samsung Galaxy S6 Version 7.0

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Thanks, we will investigate it. We noticed such issues after switch to a new application build format - next build I’ll try to release with old apk builds, so probably it would be fixed.



There are some outage issues on Google servers today:

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Thanks. Yeah the problem from google now fixed. But the latest beta version has a graphical glitch problem.



Try to remove app and install as a new - this doesn’t look like code issue. Does anybody else has such glitches?

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weird behavior, I have to clic exit to be able to select widgets




Do you mean resize frame? Yep, there is such issue reported by @DaleSchultz - I’ll upload a beta build with a fix soon.

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