Android Notifications to Arduino UNO

So, I just got into the arduino ecosystem, already tested some stuff like Blynk and IFTTT integration with led strips; Things is, I want to make my own version of this product :


And I can’t find a way to link my Android notifications to the arduino, all help appreciated! <3

Have you checked docs? -

@Dmitriy He meant the otherway… from Phone to Arduino.

@ltafuri If nothing yet available from Blynk, then you could try another app (search “send notification to Arduino” on Google Play) that sends to Arduino (usually via bluetooth) then integrate that into your Blynk system. It would obviously only work when your phone is in range of your Arduino… but then that is probably the only time you need external notifications from your phone.

Virtual Pins?

Only if a new widget can tap into Arduino/iPhone notifications (email, messaging, phone ring, low battery stats etc.) then assign HIGH/LOW or even strings to a virtual pin and then out to the device for further action.