Android Blynk Legacy Beta - starts then exits (local server)


I’ve been running a Blynk local server (on Google Cloud Platform) for years, now running version 0.41.13.
On my Android Velvet 5G I am running the Blynk Legacy Beta app, version 2.28.17. This combination has always worked for me.

But for some time now (maybe months - I don’t check the Blynk app very often), when I start the app, it shows the normal screen (one of my device configurations), and then after 1-2 seconds, the App closes with no errors or warnings.

If I shut off my local server, the app correctly tells me that it cannot connect to the server (and the app stays running). But once I restart the local server, it goes back to the “run 1-2 seconds then exit” problem. When this happens, I get two “joined” entries in my server log file separated by a couple of seconds.

Due to not seeing any error/warning messages, I do not know where to look next.
Is this a known issue? Any ideas?


Hi, not a lot of activity on my question. Did I post it in the correct place? Thanks.

Unfortunately, when you’re running a version of Blynk that is no longer supported, this type of thing probably isn’t going to get much attention from the Blynk developers - if any.
Factor in what’s happening in the Ukraine at the moment and I’d say that your chances of getting any help with this from Blynk are almost zero.

I guess that you’ve done all the usual stuff like killing the app, restarting the phone, re-installing the app, rolling back to an earlier version of the app, trying it with a different Android device, trying it with an iOS device etc?