Android Blynk application charged for SuperChart widget, which disappeared

Added SuperChart widget (probably) for the first time into one of my projects and after clicking on it to edit it, it disappeared. Before adding the widget, my energy balance was 5200 points, after adding it was 4300 points. After the widget disappeared it remained 4300 points :frowning:

I decided to add it again hoping that it was a glitch and it will add the SuperChart widget but the energy balance will remain the same, but the energy balance points decreased to 3400 points.

Since it is stealing money, I am afraid to pay for more energy points in the future.

I need to mentioned that couple days ago I charged my energy balance for the first time with 5000 points, because I had only 200 points left from the free bucket and I was adding the SuperChart widget to a project, which had other widgets covering the entire screen. The new SuperChart widget was placed under the last one and I had to scroll to it before it disappeared.

SuperChart widget would not disappear on itself or if it does it would return the energy balance points back into the account

Android version 7.0
Blynk app version 2.27.5

OK, nevermind. After taking time to write this post, the widget appeared in the project (now having two SuperChart widgets there). I am 100% sure it wasn’t there before reporting this issue (checked several times). Perhaps giving it time or let the Android phone go to off screen mode helped the problem. Anyway it would be nice if this was not happening.