Android Blynk App v 2.27.13 breaks video widget. 2.27.12 still works

After upgrading to the latest Blynk App on Android (version 2.27.13 on Mar 24, 2020) the video streaming widget stopped streaming mjpg video generated by mjpg-streamer.

After downgrading to version 2.27.12 everything works again, that’s how I know it’s is most probably not a streamer issue).

Here some technical details if you want to replicate:

Running latest blynk server on Rpi.

Widget affected is the video streamer.

The video source is a mjpg-streamer compiled based on this repo: running at 15 FPS 640x480

Version 2.27.12 works, 2.27.13 does not.

*** Please do not refer me to the Beta channel - the stock app updates should work ***

Today we will upload a build with a fix to this issue

Thank you!

New version 2.27.14 is already uploaded, so it should be available in 4-8 hours.

Confirm: tested and works. Thank you.

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