Android Blynk App desktop shortcuts displays removed projects

Hi! I am experiencing an issue in the Blynk App on Android. Here are the config details:
• Blynk App version: 2.27.21
• Hardware: independent (any)
• Smartphone OS: Android 9.1 on Huawei P20Lite
• Blynk server: cloud
• Blynk Library version: independent (any)
• Sketch code: independent (any)

Steps taken:

  1. I have installed Blynk App and created several projects.
  2. I have deleted some of them later (e.g. the ones named ‘TEST’ and ‘Sklep’).
  3. I have placed Blynk App shortcut at the Android desktop.
  4. When long touching the Blynk App icon, a list of projects is displayed in popup.

And here is the issue: The list contains also projects already deleted - see attached snapshot.

Any chance to get this solved in any later update?
@BlynkAndroidDev, would you pleas help?

@BlynkAndroidDev is this one for you to look at?


Sorry, but I do not understand your answer. What do you mean exactly? Thnx.

BlynkAndroidDev is Blynk’s developer of the Android version of the app. By tagging him in a post he will receive a notification and (when he has time) he’ll probably take a look at your post and try to recreate the issue.


Oh, ok, thanks a lot.

@BlynkAndroidDev, would you pleas help? Thanks. Milan

Sure, we will fix that in next release.

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Thanks :+1:

I hope to release a new version this week.

Is it possible that those projects have been removed while using another smartphone?

No, it is not, I am using Blynk on one smartphone only.

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Thanks, I’ve finally reproduced it - it is reproducible only on the latest Android OS versions with the launcher that supports home screen shortcut creation from the project edit screen. I’m planning to start the new version’s rollout tomorrow, so I hope it will be available to you tomorrow late or in a day.

Thanks a lot!