Android Battery Consumption

I think this is new, so it might be related to a recent update, but Blynk is sucking down my battery, even when I don’t have the app running. Here are some screenshots. I’ve been off the charger for less than 8 hours and Blynk has used more than any other app, 14% of battery capacity!


hi Matt

Does it happen even with force stopped app? Also could you add model and android version of the device, you are using. We have faced such issue earlier, but we’ve fixed them, seems with new build something went wrong. We are planning a new release with fixes soon, so we’ll try to fix also this issue.

This might be the culprit, Blynk uses huge amount of background data (which unfortunately will cost me money :frowning: )
I just tick the ‘Restrict background data’ and will see what will be showing tomorrow morning.

Hi @akm17

If you have a lot of reading widgets (in several active dashboards, for example) with small duration of their update - it will use a lot of traffic, even with our compression of it.

I just force quit and will monitor. I’m on a Samsung S5, Verizon, Andriod 5.0.

It could be that the poor wifi area I was in today was exacerbating the issue. I have one active dashboard with 17 controls. Three LEDs, six value, and eight buttons. LEDs and buttons don’t seem to have a configurable refresh period. Three of the value controls have 1s refresh; three have 30s refresh. Data use shows 161MB used in the last month which does seem like a lot for 17 controls, esp when I compare it to data used by other apps

Why is Blynk using data in the background at all? I understand if notifications are enabled, but it seems like everything else should just be updated when the app comes to the foreground. That would save your b/w too since I assume you’re proxying traffic.

Yes, this is not normal situation. We will try to fix that.

On your device data usage also shows enormous background usage as on @akm17 ? Seems it is the root of the problem. We’ll try to fix it.

Do you have “keep screen on” setting in blynk? I had the same, but I turned it off and it seems to be back to normal.

I forgot to unplug from charger last night, so just dropping 3-4% now. I did switch off the sharing feature as well as keep screen on, also switch off the dashboard (4x screen on my dashboard), but keep logged in. I notice among the 3-4% drop, Blynk contributed still top 5. I will also keep checking the background data for today.

Update: Blynk did not consume any further data or battery if I switched off all dashboard, switch off ‘keep screen on’, and restrict the background data on WiFi only (perhaps the last one is the important bit). I think nothing needed to change on Blynk Apps or server, but we just need to make sure restricting background data only on WiFi, as if they run on mobile network it will cost the data, as well as much more power (in my case where reception is poor). Personally I would have an android button to restrict all Apps background data on mobile network, not just Blynk.

I think this is a reason. But in usual use case dashboards should be enabled.

Perhaps if you want to add a feature, if Blynk App is in background for 60 minutes (or configurable), the screen automatically switched off (and ensure all background data stopped).

I’m seeing the same background data use. I don’t see the point of any timer when Blynk is in the background. My preference would be that if notifications are not enabled that Blynk would go completely dormant while in the background. No data, no wakelocks, no screen on.

Even with notifications there should be no such huge data sent in background… I had same background wakelocks with setting “keep screen on”, without it I don’t see Blynk in battery monitor.

Quick update: I disabled screen always on, restricted background data, and force quit app and service, and battery consumption is much lower today. I might set up Tasker to force quit Blynk in the background until this is patched.

It’s not “keep screen on” setting, as I have it turned off. I also set in privacy guard that I don’t let the blynk to keep awake the device but it somehow bypasses this… Only force-quit works:/
Android 6.0.1

i found a work around to solve it. but it has a side effect :joy:
user Greenify to stop blynk from running in the back ground . but you will not get app notifications

what ever Greenify i am using it will all the apps except that i need to receive notification from it.

@gatorheel @akm17 @scropion86 @Garreth Guys we just released fix. Please take latest version and tell us if everything is ok. And thank you again for reporting!

@Dmitriy Battery usage looks great now, thanks! I just also looked at data usage, and it’s still pretty high: 870 MB from Dec 23 to today. Are you also planning to investigate this? Or, if it’s as designed, are you open to a setting which lowers it (e.g. a toggle to disallow background data)?

@gatorheel Could it be because you used old version of app at that period? I suppose this is just traffic of old version. Blynk messages itself are very tiny. Do you know date when you updated to latest version?