Android application freezen after trying to access project settings


i am new, in arduino and blynk, only few days on it. I managede to insert some code from different blynk code, and manage to made the app send and recive data from wemos d1 mini device. I was so haapppy i just wanted to play with diffrent buttons and gauges etc.

After an 1 hour i try to press setting button of project it just freezes( the application). I tryed to reinstal Blynk app for 5 times, and i try to instal it on other android phone, it craches when i try to enter that project. I unpluged the wamos d1 mini and try to enter the settup it freezes again, i cant deleit it to do it from new, now i have a fail project and no energy to do the next one. I wanted to buy more energy but since i cant access the project( i cant even delete it), i am afraid this issue will repet.

I sended the crach report like 3 times. Project name is : “test wifi wemos D1 M”, if admin can just delete the app ill remake it.

My username in app is same as here. Thank you in advance. Regards a happy newbaby skalca_man =)

I forgot, the project is communicating with wamos d1 mini with no problem, i can operate 3 buttons and i am reciving temperature reading, i just cant access the menu from that project.

I can make new projects also. I just cant delete or setup the “test wifi wemos D1 M”

Thanks for the report. We will check.

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What Android device are you using? I see some possible crash report from Huawei device with Android 7, is it yours? or Asus ZenPhone ?

 1. The Blynk library version you are using. // dont know to be honest
 2. Android or iOS and the version of the OS. // android 7.0 i tryed it on 4.0 also
 3. Server type, Local or Cloud based. //cloud based
 4. If local server, which version you are using.
 5. How you powering the MCU. //throe an USB
 6. Has the MCU ever connected to a Blynk server (Cloud or local). / /yes and its stil working if powered
 7. The IDE you areusing, including the version number. // dont know what IDE is :frowning: 
 8. The settings you have in the IDE for the MCU. // dont know
 9.The Arduino core version you are using. // 1.8.5
10. The make and model of your phone. // samsung galaxy 7 edge and i tryed on samsung note 3- same problem
11.Your shoe size and anything else you think is important. // my shoe size is 45, sometimes 46 if "xx" I think the application have a bug

Can you please just erase that projest manualy because i sure cant. That would be so much help, since i am ideling with learning since the buy 2 days ago :frowning: thank you in advance.

P.S. maybe there should be a web interface just like an admin panel to hard delete project or reset user interface app.

Had you checked Android app with 2.17.1 version? Does this issue still reproduce?

@skalca_man hello. could you please confirm that issue is gone in the latest app version?