Andriod app failed

I can not operate my dashboards because i get stuck, with those circles moving without any response.

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@Francisco_Diaz Blynk servers went down today, try rebooting your router.

android app is not working as usual, it does not let me see my dashboards. it gets stuck

You can’t see the dashboard if your router thinks the Blynk server is still down. Even with a reboot of the router you might still have to wait for the DNS to populate. If you use and for DNS you might have more success as Google’s DNS normally populate quicker than those of ISP’s.

Im using an arduino Yun with 3G connection :smiley:

Are you using latest Blynk libraries? Did you hardcode IP/host?

Yes im using the latest blynk library

@Francisco_Diaz is issue fixed for you?

now, everything works normally. please this never should happen again. I will recomend blynk for bussiness

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