Andoid weird values in labeled value M

I have my project running well on iphone ios, and wanted to see it on android
Everything looked fine, except 2 labeled value m fields. Instead of showing a 1 it showed 511 in the fields
Other labels are fine, just these two. On ios it is working fine and the values are right in my terminal on the computer and in the app.
Is this known?

Kind regards

Hello. Could you please show us screenshot?

Also could you add screenshots of the settings of this labeled values?

Thanks for the response. I am currently on a trip and as soon as i am back I will provide the requested screenshots with the settings


Hi Guys
I have found the problem. The android is sensitive to the value mapping setting. This is for one reason not the case in IOS. After switching this off in the widget, the android was ok. Maybe something to look at on the ios, because I think it should work the way it is on android

@Robert_Holscher could you please tell us the steps for reproducing?

Dear Dmitriy
I have put in my blynk ui the widget Labeled Value M
In the configuration of the widget you can select the input. There I selected Virtual Pin 14. The problem between iOS and android is in the mapping of the value. So the difference in behavior between IOS en Android is in the mapping function.
If you have a straight connection between default value 0 and 1023 , the iOS and Android behave the same , however if you switch on the icon (circle with wave symbol) in this widget , the behavior on iOS is the same as without the icon activated. The behavior of the android is that it will map the incoming value to the range of 0 to 1023.
I hope this is more clear and I hope you can simulate this behavior. I found this “bug” before the latest blynk update a week ago, so maybe it has been fixed already ?

Dear @Robert_Holscher

Please recheck this using the most recent version from the AppStore.
I’ve checked this on my side and can’t reproduce.

I have not seen the behavior anymore after the latest update