Ambitious rPi controlled gamer project - pointers / hand-holding needed

I’m attempting to control, locally, up to 30 Pi3 and Pi Zero W units running tasks in unison in a physical game scenario - think paintball for now - and I need lots of help.
I can conceive, plan, construct hardware, do (basic) programming tasks, wire, etc but my skillz are not so hot that I can run with this on my own.

There will be:
RFID id tagging
Hit-aquisition mechanism - in itself a multilayered project with lots of potential
Score-leaderboard keepers
All over a local network with no Internet req for the game

The project is going to be fun, with room for input from ideas men, and the eventual product will be a blast.
It seems to me that this forum and platform are ideal - and I’m convinced we can rock.
Who want’s to play?