Amazon echo dot 2 with blynk

Soon ill upload a video where i would be controlling home appliance through alexa using blynk server ru interested ?? Stay tuned


I’m interested. Are you using the Alexa channel on IFTTT to talk to Blynk through the maker channel ?

Yes im using ifttt
Projects is a successful also
Works like a charm!!
You can check my ifttt tutorial on YouTube
Or on blynk community
Ping me at

Brilliant. I’ll take a look a bit later when I get a chance to put my parental duties down for the evening and ping you an email.

Sure i would be glad to help u you can ping me on skype also
Is my skype id

Which features are implemented ?
Can you upload a how to do ?

Yea sure give me two days ill do that

Are you working on direct integration or a “Alexa, trigger…smthing”

No im using alexa channel to trigger maker event
Maker makes a web request to blynk)

I’m using it for a long time already. Just had no time to explore how to build a custom skill, because I always forget when to say “trigger something on/off” or “turn something on/off” :slight_smile:

We’re working on a smart hotel for a customer at work and plan on using the enterprise engines behind Alexa (Dolly for text to speech and Lex for the voice recognition) to trigger custom actions in the hotel room (a virtual concierge if you like, for ordering room service, dimming lights, changing temp, asking questions about the restaurant menu etc.). One of out Devs is working on it now, looking forward to seeing how far he gets. Thinking about trying to tie it in with the watson cognitive API’s for sentiment analysis. The Alexa platform is very cool.