Alternative way to share project

I know this is an old topic, but I’m experiencing huge problems trying to share my app to other people using Blynk QR scanner. It simply does not work well, there is always a struggle, disabling autofocus does nothing, and sometimes it’s completely unsuccessful, like my case today. Whatever we tried to do did not work, so my friend is going to print qr code on a paper and try to scan it this way, as this is our last hope. QR code is clear and third party scanners reads it in second, but not Blynk qr scanner. So I wanted to ask you guys if there is alternative way to activate sharing except using qr, as this can be really frustrating experience?

Are you seeing a very complex (outdated) QR image or the latest super simple QR image?

I think it’s the simple one. It looks like this:

That QR gives:

“This QR code gives access to shared Blynk projects. You need to scan it from LogIn screen. Read more:”.

I haven’t tried it a login screen but is that what your friend is trying to do or are they trying to access it inside a Blynk account?

When I scan from login screen it states: Multip Smart app is no longer available, sorry.

You deleted the project?

Scanning is working today better than it ever has with Blynk.

It seems he did log in with his facebook credentials then tried to scan. He wasn’t specifically following my instructions not to touch anything but qr icon. We’ll see in a moment.

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It works, of course. Shame on me.

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Yes, it’s inactive, I refreshed it while we were trying to scan the code.