All my Blynk Projects stopped communicating with my Photons

Oddly, all of my Blynk projects stopped communicating with my Particle Photons. The Photons are still online, and functioning (as evidenced by IFTTT integrations and the Particle app itself) however the Blynk integrations no longer work. The Blynk projects themselves are not “offline” but are essentially disconnected (that is they don’t receive any data or send any data to the Photons). All of the hardware are Photons, and I’m not doing anything exceptional here. I haven’t tried refreshing the auth token yet.

Hello. More info? iOS/Andorid? Local server? Did you update app recently? Upload new library?

IOS (latest version of app from app store). No updates to my code running on the Photons. Photon firmware version varies. No new libraries added. Essentially, I just noticed that Blynk stopped working from one day to the next. I am not using a local server. My version of the Blynk app is 2.5.10, updated 12/18. That likely might be a clue.

Please try to open widget settings, close it and run project again. Does that help?

I had the exact thing happen to me and it took me days to fix it, only because I could only work on it for a few mins at a time. I ended up updating my blynk library with in the Particle IDE, flashing an update to them via USB, and changing all of my wifi broadcast names. It was pretty much a pain that I couldn’t figure out. It seems like everything that I did wouldn’t work. In the end, I just got them back up and running. Oh yeah, and for good measure, I updated my auto token. Not too sure what did it in the end, but I covered all of my bases. Good luck.

Opening the widget settings, closing, re re-running project does not help. I can re-flash the Photons (and re-add the blynk libraries before hand). Changing wifi broadcast names of the Photons themselves? That does sound like a pain.

Not that it necessarily helps but I have 3 Photons feeding to one Blynk app with no problems. Android. (Not sure which Blynk version, sorry.)

OK, I cracked the code on this. Dmitriy you were dangerously close - or perhaps I misunderstood what you wanted me to do. Just by simply opening each widget on each project and then closing it, the app started working. In other words, I opened each project, tapped the buttons, etc., to bring up the button settings, didn’t change anything, hit “OK” for each, and then once the project is re-run in the Blynk app it communicates successfully with the Photon. One thing I noticed is that the projects did seem to be receiving data from the Photons, but not vice versa. The only change that seemed to cause this odd behavior in the first place was the fact that my Blynk app updated on IOS automatically to 2.5.10.

Yes, @sbyates that was a glitch of button widgets after 2.5.10 iOS update.

For others: the workaround in 2.5.10 is to re-save button widget settings. The glitch is fixed in 2.6.0 app version.