Alexa AVS and IFTTT

Making some basic stuff work that i used blynk with but now with alexa. Im using alexa avs on a rpi2 and ifttt.

“Alexa, trigger make bed” :wink:

Opps… Sorry… Parental mode disengaging :smile:

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eh don’t judge me ye ? :smile:
Besides whats the point of making my bed if i am gonna sleep in it tonight ?
And don’t give me the why do you whipe your butt argument :smile:

LOL… me sees by your ready defense that you have active Parental Units already passing on their divine advice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So do Blynk and Alexa share control?

haha,yes they do. I let alexa activate virtual pins and now use virtual pins on blynk aswell. When i turn something on with alexa blynk knows about it ^^