Alert if sensor is not reporting anymore

Hi guys,

I need to know if someone have a idea how I could be notified if a device (battery operated sensor) is not reporting for longer than X minutes. Yes it will have a low battery notification by email but I was wondering of another kind of alerting kind of “server side” notification ?

Anyone ?

Thanks !

For that I think you will need to use Local Server (EDIT - looks like it will also work with Cloud) and tap into the Blynk HTTP RESTful API

Wow that was fast answer, thanks a lot I will go read this !


The notify widget alows you to get a notification when your hardware goes offline, maybe worth to take a look.

Oh nevermind i did not see “serverside”

Thanks all, yes I need it to be server side or standalone verification, I will check on doing something that will poll using API and notify according to the state. My goal is to have few tenth of sensors in greenhouses to report usual things like battery Voltage, Temp, Hum, RSSI etc… If one fall below treshold voltage without being correctly notified, I need to have another reminder on the server side because when it will be dead … it will be dead :slight_smile:

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@Gunner Also, I saw on the commercial platform a point stating “Web Dashboard”

I’m wondering if I put a local Blynk server, will I have that feature ?


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I believe the web dashboard is still a work in progress… probably will be available for both servers, but I don’t know any details about it.