AdvancedTimeInput sample dont run

I copied the AdvancedTimeInput sample from “
but when I try to run I get Arduino IDE message :

"exit status 1
‘TimeInputParam’ was not declared in this scope "

try adding

#include <WidgetTimeInput.h> 

at the top. Weird though an example should just work.

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No, don’t do this…

TimeInputParam t(param); is not referencing a separate library… it is a command already IN the Blynk library.

@alessandrocm make sure you have the current Blynk Library installed… if possible, remove all the old ones and reinstall using the manual method as show here…

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Hi wolph42, thanks for the help. Including “#include <WidgetTimeInput.h>” the program works without errors. Thank you.

Hi Gunner, thanks for the help but I did the manual installation according to instructions, but if not put the call: “#include <WidgetTimeInput.h>” I get the same error.

Strange… but hey, if it works, then oh well :stuck_out_tongue: go with it.

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@alessandrocm I double checked and the sketch from the link above compiled just fine for me… so there must be something wonky in your IDE libraries. There are multiple folders in two locations, and it is prefered to NOT override existing, but remove existing first.

You patch might work for this case, but you may run into other issues as well down the road.

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And THAT IS STRANGE! The WidgetTimeInput.h is included by BlynkWidgets.h, which is included by BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h, which you have included. And it seems you are the first with this issue. But as it has been said “IF it is working…”
Perhaps the place where it is included matters?..

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I looked into the problem and noticed that the Cayenne and Cayenne_MQTT libraries were conflicting with the Blynk libraries. I removed the Cayenne libraries and now works perfectly. Thanks everyone for the help, especially to @Gunner, @wolph42 and @marvin7 .