Admin Web UI Broken?

Since upgrading my local server from 0.31.1 to 0.32.0 I am unable to access the admin web UI (I get a 404 error - “No web page was found for the web address”).

I’m running a pretty vanilla deployment of the server. I’ve compared my file to the master one and there are no major differences.

Any ideas what’s going on? I reverted to the previous server version (0.31.1) which worked perfectly.

There was an issue but it was fixed quickly. Current build 0.32.0 should be ok. Please download it again.

No luck with new build of 0.32.0 or 0.32.1

It works fine for me and another user I was assisting yesterday, both of us with current LS versions… What is the URL you are typing in, and can you confirm the server is running?

The server is running as all devices and app clients connect.

The URL that I use is either http://localserverip:8080/admin or http://localserver.mydomain:8080/admin


@ThatGuy_ZA admin url available only under https and not http.

I’m trying that on my iPhone and getting an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. Is there any way around this?

Never mind… Error between keyboard and chair.

Turns out that when he web server was decommissioned on port 8080, it reverted to port 9443 as per the following line in the config:

#secured https, web sockets and app port

In case your server on localhost and you diddn’t generate certificates.