Admin page - admin user

I upgraded my local Blynk server to actual version. It didn’t start. I found changes in database and after that also in configuration file.
Now server runs. Devices are connected and working. Admin page shows login page but I can’t connect to Admin panel. When I fill in admin account and password I’m not connected - the same login page is shown. I made some changes in *.user files - I tried to copy there a password from other user. It has no success.

I tried also to set “isSuperAdmin”:true in *.user file of user which is used for devices to connect. It has no success too.

So now I want to create a new admin account. How can I do it? I deleted admin .user file in data folder. I check also database (table user). But when I restart blynk server admin user is not created ( new admin.user file is not created).

Thanks for some advice


Hello. You need to

tried also to set “isSuperAdmin”:true in *.user file

revert this.

Thank you for your response. I had already this setting used. But when you confirm me this step I make more tests.

I find out that the problem is in the web browser. I can’t login in IE. Everything works fine when Chrome browser is used.