Adding hardware support yourself

I’m new to Blynk and I’m a very experienced engineer (BSEE with 35 years experience as a software engineer).
So, when I looked for Blynk hardware support I see the usual arduino, etc, type hardware. However, I’d like to know if I wanted to add support for a custom board or some lesser used board, how would I go about adding support myself. I’m sure there are many other engineers like myself more than capable of doing this who would love to know how. Is there a link where I can see how to add custom hardware support to blynk myself??? Appreciate any help in advance…thank you.

You can take a look here:
Also, @vshymanskyy can help if you have questions

It would be great if you could share your work back to community.


Thank you so much. I’ve not decided to what extent I want to use this or not, but if I do, rest assured that I’ll return anything that I do to the community.

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Hi. Which exactly hardware are you using?