Adding and Moving Widget Error


I am facing this issue. I tryed to reset phone, clearing chache, reinstalling app. Still same.

This is an old phone. HTC desire 816g

@Pavel @Dmitriy or someone else working about it. If you reply this message after watching, i will delete the video. It is unlisted but this is still bug video :smiley: i want to delete it.

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  1. Please don’t tag people. There is no need for that.
  2. We will check

Ok. I saw some tags in some post. This was the reason.

Is video necessary?

I meant that there is no need to mark Blynk developers. We monitor this forum every day

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I am still learning forum behaviors. Thanks for warning.

I feel greatful. Thanks for all developers :+1:

It could be related to disabled animations on your device: please check the animations settings on your device and if they are disabled - enable them and check the issue again.

I did that. After reboot, its working great. I forget that animation issue. I closed that to get more performance from my old junkDroid.

Thank you