Add server time to offline PUSH messages

Would be nice to see the server time when a Blynk project goes offline.

It might be possible for Blynkers to do it themselves with BLYNK_APP_DISCONNECTED() but it’s not quite the same.

See the differences between built PUSH messages and system generated PUSH messages below:


Like it. What about locale?

but didn’t we already have an “offline since” timestamp if we click on the “ic” icon in the upper right corner?

TZ per RTC / Time Input widget if user has included either of them, GMT if they haven’t.

@wanek that’s correct but it’s not quite the same as a nice big list of PUSH messages with the timestamps.

@Costas, We will be soon implementing something new in Blynk, called Timeline.
You will be able to track special events and render them on a timeline. Notifications will work with them too.