Add energy

Desesperately trying to buy energy (9.99).
I always get an error message from Google Play “Impossible de finaliser la transaction” (impossible to finalize payment).

I tried with 2 credit cards and my paypal account.

Buying other app from google play is no problem.

Thanks for your help.


Can I pop over to Anguilla to collect the money?

Sent you a temporary fix by PM until the Blynk guys come up with something. I guess you weren’t so desperate after all.

Sorry. I did not receive a PM. Did you use a PM is a Private Message contained within the forum, not an email. Check your forum messages, not your emails. I checked your notification settings and you should have received an email when the PM was sent to your forum account. If you are not receiving emails that might be why you are struggling with Google Play.

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