Adafruit Bluefruit BLE with Mega - Packet too big

I’m using a Mega with the Adafruit Bluefruit BLE breakout board. After installing the appropriate sketch I’m still unable to connect with blink.
The serial monitor output looks like this
[480] Connecting…
[5050] Packet too big: 25190
[5051] Packet too big: 24884
[5052] Packet too big: 13112
[7076] Connecting…
[13076] Connecting…
[19076] Connecting…
[25076] Connecting…
[31076] Connecting…
[37076] Connecting…

Does BLYNK work with the Bluefruit BLE module?

It should…

As for the rest… not enough information to even guess about your case

This is the code im using… ;(… Have spent hours researching this… It sees the ble module but when I try to connect via the app, same message packet too big…

Is there something else I can do as far as debuging to provide more info??? As I have not found anyone who has been able to connect using the bluefruit ble board…

Phone make & model

Android / iOS version

Blynk App version

Blynk Library version

Show the sketch you are using


Basically the things that were asked for in the text that you needed to delete, in order to post this initial topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks… This is what I have

IOS 11.2.1
blynk 2.18.0(1)
library 0.5.1

Im using a Osepp Mega R3 Plus, (biut i go the same error on uno r4)


#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial


#include <BlynkSimpleBLEPeripheral.h>
#include <BLEPeripheral.h>
#include <SPI.h>

// You should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (nut icon).
char auth[] = "cf0810c6643f4bc39d42abe3cf823e74";

// define pins (varies per shield/board)
#define BLE_REQ   10
#define BLE_RDY   2
#define BLE_RST   9

// create ble serial instance, see pinouts above

void setup()
  // Debug console


  Serial.println("Waiting for connections...");

  Blynk.begin(SerialBLE, auth);

void loop()

  if (SerialBLE) {    // If BLE is connected...;

I formatted your posted code as required…

Blynk - FTFC

I will leave the rest for someone with iOS and BLE experience… I use Android and rarely BT/BLE


Wondering if you found a solution to this?