Activity before sunrise or just before sunset

I use Webhooks for my integration between Google home/ifttt/autoremote/tasker so yep I see the benefits.

I might just stick with the Blynk time input then as it’s quite flexible.

I will trial/debug my code in the next few days. Think I’ve got my head around it. I wish code could be uploaded over wifi and debugged over wifi but I realise it’s not possible (without using a Bluetooth module) and that’s a little off topic for here.

I believe @tzapulica has a system for this. It uses a second ESP hooked up to the first.

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Oh I will look into that. Thanks.

Here’s a link:

I’ve not tried it, but I’d be interested in feedback from anyone that has.


I tested a year or so back and it seemed fine.

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Yet to try the wifi debug… While handy and will give it a go one of these days, not being able to upload over the wifi still means plugging my laptop in anyway… but still some nice work none the less and good for long term monitoring/debugging.

So back onto the sunrise sunset…

I have it all running although when does the sunrise/sunset get updated?

I am assuming when I chose sunset in the time input that it checks online and then send that time. So if I don’t reselect sunrise again, the time of the sunset stays the same the whole period?

Or does the Blynk server send updates of the sunrise/sunset at periods of time even without me selecting the time input again?

As I understand the Time Input Widget, it is a oneshot data dump of settings to your device… your sketch takes that data and works with it as is, and for as long as you need, until you change it again on the App, or possibly (in case of reboot) run a sync command for last known settings (from the server).

So if I select 6am it’ll update my device cirtual pin with 6am and that will stay until I reselect the time again… Makes sense

If I select the sunrise option, and at the time the sunrise was 6.10am, then it’ll stay as 6.10am until I select the time input again and click OK. So could stay at 6.10am for months if I don’t select the time input again.

Did I follow what you think happens? This is how I expected it unfortunately.

Edit: I assume the sync ot the server will give the same sunset time, and it won’t update to the new sunrise still. Only way is to reselect “sunrise” in the Blynk app yes?

My understanding is that Time Input sunrise / sunset are just flags and you have to code the actual times, that is why I suggested using Blynk’s Webhook widget. @Dmitriy can you confirm this is correct?

Based on what I see in the example, it is not an automatically updating widget, rather just a one-shot instruction set of time settings… your sketch needs to translate all the settings and then uses those setting from then on… until you either change settings or reboot.


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Thanks both of you. Looks like I won’t bother with sunrise and sunset for now then. Just leave it as set times.