Actions based on data in Blynk app?

New to Blynk - first day using. I already have a working project but I would like to customize it.
eps8266 sends 2 pins to Blynk and receives one.
The 2 pins received by Blynk are:

  1. 0/1 value
  2. distance (0-1024)
    Is it possible at all within Blynk app to put an action on an LED based on the distance value? Like if distance is between 0-20 then LED is off, if 21-100 then LED is on etc. Can Blynk do any data processing or I have to create new virtual pins in my sketch and send it to Blynk?

Thank you

I usually take care of this kind of stuff in my sketch, but there’s an eventor widget which might do that, never used it myself though.

Yes, it is possible with Eventor widget (but at the moment available only in Android version).
More info:

Great! Thanks guys