Account suspended?

Try to login, even reset password and still get a notice saying ‘account suspended’. I looked here and didn’t see anything related. This is the new Blynk IoT available in App Store on iPhone.

Geographically, where are you located?

How long ago did you create your Blynk IoT account, were you able to log in to it successfully at the time, and when was the last time you accessed it?

What type of subscription plan did you sign up to when you created the account (Free, Plus, Pro)? if it was a paid account, have payments been taken, and is your payment method still valid?

What happens when you try to log-in via the web console with the same credentials?

Have you previously had a Blynk Legacy account?


Thanks for the reply Pete. I am in Eugene, Oregon USA, same place as where I was when I opened the account about a month/six weeks ago. I was able to login and have full functionality all the times I logged in around then. I have not logged in for about a month. I have the free plan and never gave my Cc number. The same thing happens on a web console - it says ‘account suspended,’ contact administrator. I have not had another Blynk account.

Thank you.


@Kjupiter3 did you register via invite? I mean, when the account was created did you click on “register” button on the login screen or you get an invite from some other account? Please send me your mail, I’ll check.

In genreal, account could be suspended only by super admin (me, but I didn’t) or by the user who invited you. If the account was created via “register” it can’t be suspended. So my assumption is that you were invited to some organization where you was suspended. Is that suggestion correct?

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I guess that must be the answer. Are you able to override their ‘suspension’? I have not heard back from them.

Yes. However, I’m not sure I should do that.

Blynk is a IoT platform and it proposes a business plan for it’s clients. Business plan allows you to invite the users to your organization/company/product. In other words, business plan allows you create/handle own organization structure (users/devices/products/branches/offices/locations) independently from Blynk. So if a business user decides to suspend your account - that’s his right. And probably it has some reasons for that. I think the correct fix would be to contact the peson who initially gave you an access.

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