Account sharing issue

I’m new with Blynk and I want to control a single device using multiple phones.
I read here that we need to connect to the same account, however it doesn’t work.

I am on android and used the facebook login method and my girlfriend is on IOS and there is no option to login with facebook on the IOS app, only the option to sign in with email and password.

I can’t create a new account using the email method because it tells me that this account exists and I need to use the facebook login.

What can I do?


Shared access is the way to go!! Generate qr code and scan the code from the other phone.

thanks for the quick reply, however I tried that as well, but doesn’t work either.

I tried sharing at the login screen, but I get this error when scanning with the IOS device:

This app is stopped by the author. You may try to reload it later.

Then I tried sharing the project, the IOS device receives the project, but the Auth token is not the same :\

Turns out I found a solution.

  1. I logged out in the app
  2. Reset password ( turned my account back to regular no facebook )
  3. Then I was able to login on IOS
  4. Turned on shared access

Now everything seems to be working and I can continue my project!