Account related issue

Hi Team ,

I have registered UPGRADE Pro account ,But still I am facing basic basic GUI on BLYNK app, 2RS also deducetd from my account .Please help me in this case

What exactly does this mean?

Are you still seeing the “Upgrade” message next to the Pro widgets?
What does the Billing screen show under “Plan” in the app?
Have you tried logging out of the app and back in again?


Yes , I have taken monthly basis plan and for first 15 days its trial stage, Still Its asking UPGRADE to plan ,I am not able anything from WIDGEST BOX.I tried log off and log in,still facing same issue

Please suggest on this

I don’t understand any of what you’ve just written. Maybe some screenshots would help.


Please find SS!

Still its showing in UPGRADE state ,I can not insert widgets

Hello, @kumbhardeepak please send me your login email to personal messages
Also need full app version