Accessing Automations from Code

My old blynk project has an LCD that allows times to be adjusted, if I use automations to replace the timer widget how to I continue to use the LCD for displaying and adjusting times?

I think you need to provide more information about how you used the LCD to adjust the times.


Hi Pete,

It is a nextion LCD, it’s sending serial commands to an ESP32 which stores values for lights to switch on\off. These values can be adjusted via the timer widget or the LCD as they are just variables.

With automations triggering events there’s no way to get the trigger time and update the stored values?

With automations you can send the value to any pin and add a handler in your firmware to handle that pin. If you need current time, you can use RTC - RTC clock - Blynk Documentation

If I adjust an automation from 10:00 to 11:00 how do I capture that on the handler?

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@chinswain you’ll need to wait for 11:00 until automation will be triggered.