Access time from Blynk server for SD Card timestamp Logging

Hello! I have a project that logs sensor data into a Blynk dashboard and saves that data to an SD card. For now, I am using DS1307 for timestamp in SD Card. Can I integrate time from the Blynk server for SD card timestamp logging purposes? I think it can be simplified solution for this kind of project.

Yes. Search the documentation for “RTC” and you’ll see information about how to request the current server time from Blynk.
There is also guidance about how to handle timezone adjustments and DST changes.

Your board’s internal clock will keep fairly accurate time if it loses connection to the Blynk server, but obviously if you need the board to be able to set the correct time following a power outage and a connection to Blynk isn’t available then you’ll still need a hardware RTC such as the DS1307 (although I prefer the DS3231).