Access local Blynk server worldwide

Hi I need help getting my blynk server accessible over the internet(anywhere in the world).i whatched a blynk video about making a blynk server and being accessible anywhere(using port forwarding)but I can’t find anything on how to do it.
Raspberry pi 3 model b
Wired connection

Making any server visible on the internet is all about your router and network settings… nothing specific to Blynk server.

Google port forwarding and your router type/model.

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In the unlikely event that your ISP provides you with a static external IP address for your network, all you’ll need to do is to set-up port forwarding rules within your router for whichever ports you’ve chosen to use when you installed your local server.
How you do this will depend on the make/model of your router.
This website pretty much does what it says on the tin, and provides guides on how to set-up port forwarding on a long list of makes/models of router:

If you don’t have a static WAN IP address then you’ll need to use a Dynamic DNS service. provides a free, and reliable service, but alternative products are available.

To keep the DDNS service updated with your current dynamic WAN IP address (necessary so that the DDNS service can work), you’ll need to run an update client on a device within your network. This could run on your router, but to be honest that isn’t usually the best solution.
A better solution would probably be to run a suitable DDNS update client on your Pi.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to change your app so that it points to your DDNS service URL (or static WAN IP address if you have one), and whichever port you’ve chosen to use when you configured your local server and router.