Access from anywhere-raspberry pi 3

How do I set up my project so that I can access and control my board from anywhere? It seems that when I switch wifi zones I lose all app data and if not I can’t see any updates or control anything.

Thanks in advance.

Can you explain what you mean by "switch wifi zone? I presume connecting to another SSID? Can you describe the total setup of your project for us? That makes it easier to identify where the problem could be.

I am programing my pi and working on blynk at my office. When I leave and am home I no longer see and app data or have any connection.

I am trying to read humidity and temperature from anywhere and then trigger a water pump to increase humidity and have some lights on a timer.

@jrib you need something like @tzapulica’s WiFi Manager. WiFi Manager is for ESP8266 but you might be able to port it to the Pi.

Unless you are using the Pi Zero then $ for $ I would move from the Pi, that is not very well supported here, to the ESP.

WiFiManager is at

I have the sparkfun thing dev esp8266 as well. I just want to make each method work haha I’ll try that and report back.

Should I be porting my iP? Not sure how to do it and I haven’t some so yet.

Not sure what you mean regarding ‘porting your IP’ but I’m going to say no.

Port forwarding ? I think that’s the term.

Ah, port forwarding. Yes if you set up port forwarding it will make your Pi accessible via the internet rather than just locally so it will give you the ‘access from anywhere’ that you are looking for.

What If I set up weaved? How and where do I enter the static ip into the app ?

Are you sure you have a static IP and will the Pi remain in a single location or will it move from place to place?

No but I will be setting one. Also the raspberry will stay in one place.