Access Blynk Server

How can I access Blynk server? To find old data we gathered over the period of time.

If you mean the Blynk cloud servers then downloadable data is limited to around the last 10 days.


Is there a way to last it more than a year?

Can I used Sd Card module to do it?

I didn’t say that the data lasts just one year. The longest period you can view in Superchart is 1 year, but you can scroll back through the data to previous years.
My environmental data goes back to February 2018, which is when I began that project, but I don’t know haw far back it can go.

Instead of asking random one line out-of-context questions in multiple topics, I’d suggest that you read the Blynk documentation and search this forum for answers.
If you’re thinking of creating a local server then research the type of hardware that you’re thinking of using and look carefully at the number of read/write cycles that storage media can handle, and consider how you would do online backups to another device.

I’m locking your other topic, so that this jumping backwards and forwards doesn’t continue.


Data in superchart can last up to 1 year and can be download? Thanks for your help bruh. I was having a hard time reviewing blynk app because of such terms

and I seem to be having a hard time getting the message across to you, despite having provided the information several times.

With the Blynk cloud servers, historical data is visible in the superchart widget for more than one year. I have a project where I have been writing data to the Blynk cloud servers since February 2018 (that’s almost 2 years) and all of that data is visible within the superchart widget.

The data that can be downloaded from the Blynk cloud servers is limited to around the last 10 days.

I believe that if you run your own Blynk server then you can increase the number of data points that can be downloaded, so you can go back further than the last 10 days.

Now do you understand?


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