Abroad problem (geo-dns-problem)

Hi to everybody.
I’m created my project at the Turkey. On my iPhone admin account app and on my friend iPhone shared link app working. He went to Croatia now. Photon particle device there too. He told me that he can’t login to app. I sent to him admin account details but wasn’t possible by admin account too. We have been chance try to only custom server solution way. We found that server address on his geo. but blynk still says “user is not registered. Please also check if it’s not a geodns issue.”

Hello. Probably - http://docs.blynk.cc/#troubleshooting-geo-dns-problem

Привет Димитрий
If you would read my first message you’ll see, I already read geodns solution and I already tried that way to fix problem. Custom server ip I’m added. But app says to me “user is not registered. Please also check if it’s not a geodns issue.” still…

@Serhan hello :). So what is your login email? (You may send me direct message)


I have exactly the same problem.
I have a my setup in the Netherlands. Accesing Blynk from there no issue.

Then I transitted in Dubai airport. It still works fine.

But when now i’m in Indonesia. I can’t even login to blynk account. It says my email is not registered.

Thanks Dmitry.

Though both solution might work, but It seems that both are NOT an impromptu solution.

Once you realize you have got geodns issue, it is a bit too late unless you’ve got someone near your hardware to do things.

Hope this geodns issue recovers automatically when I’m back home, otherwise I wont be able to enter my house :slight_smile:

You can tell me your login email and I’ll give you IP.

Thanks a LOT for the superb support, Dmitry.
Will keep preaching the awesomeness of Blynk to people around me!!

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Though seems like I cant find a way to DM you. Here’s my email login. xxxx

Please use

I had this exact problem and Dmitriy helped me out quickly

@Dmitriy could future versions have a drop down to select location as well as a custom IP field… That way it will be easy to select the correct IP or you choose custom and input what you want.

@dylan1024 it could be easily fixed without need to specify IP. But this is not the priority right now.

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