About Official page

Having an issue with opening of blynk official document.Is anyone facing the same issue?

Hello. Could you please clarify what is blynk official document?

hi ,
firstly thanks for replying .Official document is about the details about each and every thing in the blynk app and blynk.cloud but I’m facing trouble in opening official website also.

https://blynk.io is working fine for me.

Can you provide a URL to the “official document” that you’re trying to open?


Blynk.io page is not accessing. I’m having a problem while loading the page

https://blynk.io I’m using this link only but its not responding

Have you tried using a different device - a phone using mobile data rather than your home internet connection?

Do other websites work normally?


yes I’m using home internet and I tried with other lap also.

Yes , other websites works normally.

Have you tried a different web browser ?

You mean another laptop which is also connected to your home internet?
If so then have you tried rebooting your router?
Have you tried a mobile phone that is using mobile data rather than your WiFi ?


@Yeshaswini please check your browser console for the errors. Do you see something?

yes sir, can I know which country you are from ?


Try to clear the cache, try a different network, check the firewall and make sure it’s not blocked.